Tax “legalized” nearly 100 of thousands of workers in ski resorts

Налоговая "легализировала" почти 100 тысяч работников горнолыжных курортов

Oleksii Leonov

The SFS for the three winter month conducted inspections in hotels and tourist facilities in the ski resorts of Ukraine and obtained employment 93 thousand people.

This was announced acting head of the State fiscal service Alexander Vlasov.

“In December, started the campaign “Winter resort”. Its aim is to involve legal employment entities that provide services for temporary accommodation, hotels, restaurants and rental of sports equipment for winter recreation… Nearly three months of the winter holiday season have officially employed 93 thousand employees,” he said.

Only at the end of February, the number of formally employed staff exceeded 23 thousand people, which is 13% more compared with January, said Vlasov.

“The largest number of legalised employees observed in the hotel business, and similar establishments temporary accommodation. In this area now officially has more than 1,5 thousand employees, and for incomplete Feb – 257,” – said the acting head of the GFS.

At the same time, the Public service labour called activities of hotels and restaurants as a result of inspections in 2018 one of the four areas with the highest risks of using undeclared labour.


Rostruda in 2018 have identified more than 25 thousand employees allowed to work without proper registration of labor relations, resulting in imposed fines on employers amounting to about 1.7 billion.

Налоговая "легализировала" почти 100 тысяч работников горнолыжных курортов