Taxi “Citymobil” will deliver the orders Delivery Club

Такси «Ситимобил» будет доставлять заказы Delivery Club

Food delivery from restaurants forces drivers will be launched in Moscow.

Service Delivery Club and aggregator taxi “Citymobil” announced that on may 22, expanding the zone of delivery of prepared dishes from restaurants.

If the customer is located far from the restaurant, the order will not prescribed on foot of the courier, and the driver cooperating with the service “Citymobil”. For drivers connected to the delivery by the special education program of couriers in vehicles.

Zone delivery will increase automatically, partner restaurants for this does not require additional action. In this case, each of them a new zone of delivery please allow a minimum of two times to increase the number of potential customers.

For users the process of ordering food is not going to change. They will see in the application of new restaurants to the image which is the icon car. This means that the restaurant became available for order at a specific address due to shipping forces drivers “Citymobil”.

The shipping cost for a taxi will depend on the distance. The driver will deliver the order to the customer’s door. In addition, the app “Citymobil” there was a button in the app Delivery Club to order food from restaurants.

In order for drivers to deliver from restaurants, service “Citymobil” provided a special thermal bags for transport of ready meals. Also, all the drivers connected to the delivery, in accordance with the regulations to undergo medical examinations and receive medknizhki.

Earlier we told you that the “Citymobil” will help universities to conduct online outlet. The taxi service will deliver the diplomas to the graduates, gowns and gifts. And recently a taxi driver “Citymobil” awarded for saving a passer-by from the bear.

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