Taxi drivers played the role of the police

Таксисты выполняли роль полиции

In Nikolaev about 150 taxi drivers caught the criminal who broke their colleague’s skull and stole the car.

Taxi drivers began to look for the criminal in the city. One of them noticed the stolen car and radioed colleagues on patrol and the beginning of the persecution.

The chase was joined by about 150 machines, the attacker blocked traffic and he was forced to flee in the field, where absolutely smashed the stolen car Sens.

“Rushed across the field, broke all that is possible – rims, wheels broken, engine. Condition – horror. That is, ride crank well,” witnesses said.

The patrol managed to kick the offender on the road, there are taxi drivers and the cops staged a trap for him, and the thief walked right in the middle.

“Don’t have time to brake, because the speed was great, and collided with our car. Then jumped out of the car and started running away. Caught up with him, handcuffed, ensure protection, because the taxi drivers were ready to make mob killings,” – said the representative of patrol police of Nikolaev Vitaly Dusko.

The kidnapper was a 29-year-old guy who’s already repented.

“It all happened when the criminal was in a condition of narcotic intoxication – the results of the inspection. To date, he explains that he took a car ride” – explains a press-Secretary of police in the Nikolaev area Elena Berezhnaya.

The man faces up to eight years behind bars. The injured taxi driver is now in hospital in serious condition.