Teacher Melitopol school urgently need help

Учителю мелитопольской школы срочно нужна помощь

Teachers and parents UVK №16 again raising money to assist a member of the big school family. Now help needed the teacher of the 4th class.

– Please help all concerned!

Our dear and beloved teacher urgently need help in raising funds for the treatment and surgery!

Teacher 4-A class NVK No. 16 Melitopol

Kazila Elena

2191 2025 4731 5397

This is her card. You can transfer funds to it.

Now we are collecting all over the school, but collect the full amount still does not work.

Please, help who can!

One naviety coffee is only a trifle for each of us! But this small amount will be a great contribution and help in the treatment and carrying out the necessary operations.

UAH 5,10,15 from all people who care and we can do good together!, – are the organizers of the fundraiser to all concerned.