Teachers in the Zaporozhye region went on strike because of wage arrears

Учителя в Запорожской области устроили забастовку из-за долгов по зарплате

Teachers of Zaporizhzhya region three months have not been paid. Teachers of seven schools Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye region three months not paid and have to live in debt. On Monday they stopped classes in schools and went on strike to the doors of the local administration, reports the Herald of a miner. While officials have promised that money from the budget right now, teachers in fear waiting for debts when they cut off the utilities.

Give our salary!

– Today we, teachers and health workers Rozovsky district, gathered outside the district administration with the immediate problem, – tell in a video message to the President of the protesters. Three month we do not pay wages. Today we stand here. Doctors left their patients, teachers to their children. What else can we do to have our lives been normal? Why do we have to interrupt the work process and to stand here like some kind of poor? We addressed in all instances, however, no reply was received. We have a President today one request: give our salaries!

The problem with the payment of money became acute in December of last year. Under the new law on decentralization, Rozovsky district became a township of the United territorial community (GSS). 23 Dec had to choose its leader. And then, from 1 January 2019, if it would get budget money for education and medicine. But in November 2018, the President declared martial law in several regions of Ukraine (which included and Zaporizhia). Elections did not take place, if it’s not, and that means that money from the budget is still up in the air.

– The fact that there will be arrears of salary, it was known in December, says in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” the teacher of high school №1 Anastasia Ryabukha. But we have no one said. Last time we got paid before the New year. And for the past two months, officials from the district administration are waving before us the document that the amendments to the budget adopted on 28 February. On 11 March, the law was signed by paruby, and since the document is on the President’s Desk dead weight. And nothing more happens.

Survive as you can

Rozovski all district 6 schools and 2 – in the city center. In educational institutions, according to the estimates of the Department of education, youth and sports of the district state administration Rozovskii, employs 113 teachers. Most of them have three months to ask to borrow bread and medicine and loans, to somehow survive.

My husband and I work in a school – continues Anastasia Ryabukha. – Because of delays in salary we are a young family, forced to ask for help from parents. We all live on credit. Some teachers are already warning that in the event of further failure to pay utilities they shut off the electricity. Other even more difficult situation – sick parents in surgery. One of my colleagues mother in intensive care. We’re just surviving. The debt is in any store not give. Someone is going to make concessions. But three months! Teachers turned into beggars. It is very sad. We didn’t think anything could happen.

Children want to learn

The educational process in schools Rozovsky district suspended on Monday. But the teachers continue to come to the workplace and students do not quit.

– We work remotely – ask homework, all of it is put up on the school website – says our interlocutor. – Our parents are very supportive. Together with us came to the rally were there and children. Our students say: we 11 th grade, we want to learn and gain knowledge, because we will soon pass EIT.

According to Anastasia Riabukhy, pedkollektiv persistently plan to work in this mode until they pay all arrears of salary.

P. S. the News that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko on 20 March signed amendments to the budget, calmed the people.

The money allocated for education and healthcare for the GTG, should be back in Rozovsky district. But the teachers react with suspicion. They say, early to rejoice, let the first begin to pay salaries.

– Yes, the President has signed. Now waiting, when will you pay salary, says Anastasia Ryabukha. But the staff is set to go on strike until I get the money for all three months.