Team Canada hockey almost disgraced in the match with France, the Swedes overran Austria: video

Сборная Канады по хоккею едва не опозорилась в матче с Францией, шведы смяли Австрию: видео

On the world hockey championship in Slovakia was held the next matches. Sweden defeated Austria, and Canada was almost embarrassing in the encounter with France.

Canada – France 5:2 (3:0, 0:1, 2:1)

Team Canada in a difficult fight defeated the French. In the first period, the overseas team scored three goals and it seemed that the match can be completed.

However, in the second period, France played one washer. At the start of the last period of the French had reduced the gap to 1 washer and forced Canada to be involved. Angry Canadians responded quickly abandoned the puck and then build on this success. After four rounds, Canada takes the second place in group A.

Sweden – Austria 9:1 (5:0, 2:0, 2:1)

The Swedish national team after the defeat in the first round, won three matches in a row. This time the Swedes went to the Austrian national team. The most active Swedes were in the first period, in which scored 5 goals.

In the following two periods Sweden slowed down and allowed Austria, even to differ in your goal. Thanks to the victory of the Swedes has risen to third place in group B. Austria – 7th.

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