Team FaZe Clan lost the tournament for Black Ops 4 because of a bug

Команда FaZe Clan проиграла на турнире по Black Ops 4 из-за бага

Losing is always frustrating, but to lose because of the bug doubly unpleasant. Apparently, it was the second case occurred recently with the cyber team FaZe Clan at the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

In the tournament CWL London 2019 team with the score 2:3 lost to Luminosity Gaming on the map Seaside. Both teams have fulfilled their victory conditions almost simultaneously. Player Faze Tommy Paparatto (Tommy “ZooMaa” Papparatto) captured a point that was supposed to finish the match. However, after half a second it together with a friend killed a player Luminosity Josiah berry (Josiah “Slacked” Berry).

It happened in the final round of the map in the Control mode, where teams fight to three victories. Referee watched the replay of the final moment, but decided that the game knows better. The game is for some reason handed a victory to Luminosity Gaming.

CWL 2019 London was held from 3rd to 5th may. The prize Fund of the tournament which involved 16 teams, amounted to 325 thousand dollars. FaZe Clan lost to Luminosity Gaming in the second round of the lower brackets and left the competition, taking the 9-12 places.

If you believe Rock Paper Shotgun, this bug is not uncommon in Black Ops 4, and the community of the game perfectly knows about it. Activision has not commented on the situation.

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