“Tearing the sky”: Nibiru visible even through the clouds around the world.

Worried about people panicking, but do not receive comments from the government, not even the believers believe that soon will come the day of judgment.

«Разрывает небо»: Нибиру видно даже через облака по всему миру – соцсети

Reports of the approach of Planet X to Earth in 2018 beat all records. No less of online information with pictures and video which allegedly depicts Nibiru. Not everyone believes in its existence, but skeptics are fighting every day with its principles, when there is another sharp, the plot or the attack of the Planet killers. In social networks there were messages that Nibiru can be seen even through the clouds around the world. In Canada, Russia, USA, China, Spain and even Australia have noticed a frightening trail of Nibiru.

“Tearing the sky is literally”, “What is it, why all the silence, I don’t understand”, “the Government has dumped all the questions on us, ordinary people, and we are shocked, at least my family believe that we are in danger”, “I’m not a believer, but begin to learn the prayer”, “Approaching the mystery of Nibiru will kill us all, and it does not seem an invention or photoshop,” wrote users on the Network.

Also published posts are accompanied by pictures, which are no less frightening than all these words. There is also the opinion that Nibiru will engulf the Earth, but most likely this “judgment day” might come in the next day. About 24 hours may decide the fate of humanity, whispering to nick.

«Разрывает небо»: Нибиру видно даже через облака по всему миру – соцсети


«Разрывает небо»: Нибиру видно даже через облака по всему миру – соцсети

“The earth heats up”: Hurricanes destroy US because of Nibiru scientist

Brown dwarf amplifies the Sun’s influence on Earth that breaks the usual climate on the planet, says the researcher.

Why do scientists or the government of any country does not comment on this unprecedented situation, is unclear. It seems that a few words could calm people and to bring clarity to this situation. If the pictured reality, there is a risk to be tomorrow on the devastated planet, stress the haters, raise their ratings hits the Network. At the moment it is not necessary to collect a suitcase alarming, but to play it safe and follow the news suggest to users. But there are those who do not believe the authorities and offer to stare into the sky to actually see the approaching Planet killer Nibiru.

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