Technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 partially recreated on Unreal Engine 4.25 [VIDEO]

Техническое демо Unreal Engine 5 частично воссоздали на Unreal Engine 4.25 [ВИДЕО]

A couple of weeks ago, Epic Games has pleased fans of video game the technical presentation of the new Unreal Engine 5. Specialist in 3D modeling I decided to move one of the locations represented by the video engine version 4.25. For greater realism, he added ray tracing, however, about high quality textures, unfortunately, is out of the question.

The author of the video has recreated one scene – the entrance to the temple. The location has undergone several visual changes, but the spirit matches the original. The specialist noted that his version does not use 8K textures and billions of polygons – Unreal Engine 4.25 and already gives very low fps when trying to run the map in game mode.

Presentation of Unreal Engine 5 was on 13 may – the developers said that the engine was created for the new generation of consoles. Later, the model was evaluated by the experts from Digital Foundry – they praised the technologies to create lighting and editing high-quality textures, but pointed to the relatively poor performance of the demo.