Technology of the medieval glassmakers can inhibit the development of bacteria

Технология средневековых стеклодувов может препятствовать развитию бактерий

To combat the diseases and their causative agents are actively using the latest technology. However, in some cases, it may help and the method used in the Middle ages, according to

Activation of bacteria in the human body leads to a number of diseases. Some of them are even a real threat to life. Today with disease-causing bacteria are fighting mainly with antibiotics. However, any disease, as you know, it is easier to prevent than to try to cure him. This is the main idea and guided the University of Aston. There was created a material that can effectively destroy pathogens. Moreover, was developed based on the technology of the medieval glassmakers.

Scientists developed the material is bioactive glass. In fact, there are two main components. This material is a mixture of ordinary glass and cobalt, fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. We will remind that in the Middle ages using this technology produced stained glass. Studies have shown that bioactive glass copes with the destruction of bacteria. The extermination of Staphylococcus aureus it took him a day, and with E. coli material handled at all for 6 hours.