Teenage rebels become more kind adults

Подростки-бунтари становятся более добрыми взрослыми

The American researchers came to a paradoxical conclusion. Teenagers from the category of rebels who smoke and drink alcohol, in the adult period of life is more than good.

The teenage period of life is considered to be one of the most difficult. In the power of fast processes of brain development, as well as the desire to explore the world, Teens begin to rebel against the imposed behavior, breaking all its rules. It was during this period practiced risky behavior, including the active use of different kinds of hazardous substances, promiscuity, extreme sports and other activities. And now researchers from the University of North Carolina, together with his colleagues from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands found that smokers who also consume alcohol teenagers as they grow so well calm down, they become more adult kind than those of their peers who were not as defiant behavior.

In particular, teenagers are rebels demonstrate a much greater sense of empathy towards others, that is, the ability to empathize with those people who are around them. It is from the degree of development of feelings of empathy and depends on the kindness, selfishness or aggressiveness of the person. As a rule, mentally ill people, becoming the most terrifying killer or cold-blooded criminals, a sense of empathy is not at all because they just don’t understand other people’s feelings, including pain and suffering.

The authors of the study urge not to put a negative stamp on the teenage rebels and not to regard them as incorrigible, because practice shows that in the future they can become decent members of human society. In their view, the relationship between positive social behavior and risky action in adolescence is in the area of the brain that controls both varieties of pulses.