Telegram agreed to “merge” the Russian security services user data – 24 Channel

Telegram погодився "зливати" спецслужбам Росії дані користувачів - 24 Канал

The messenger Telegram has agreed to give the security services of Russia by court decision data of the users suspected of terrorism. So, Telegram is going to give the security services the IP addresses and phone numbers of the suspects.

This follows from the updated page with the privacy policy of the messenger, according to “Medusa”.

The company assured that they had never disclosed information about users. If this happens, relevant information will be provided in the channel Transparency Reports in the report, published every six months.

Representatives of the Telegram stated that the messenger will not be of correspondence and the keys to decrypt the messages. The position on this issue remains unchanged, said in comments to “Interfax” the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Ccow.

“Pavel Durov (Creator of Telegram) always said that the correspondence will not be provided to any government no countries,” he said.

In Roskomnadzor has informed that is ready to unlock the Telegram, if the messenger will abide by the decision of the court and to provide the FSB encryption keys.

We will remind, on April 16, the court ordered Roskomnadzor to block Telegram in Russia. In this case the Creator Pavel Durov said that his club will start to use the built-in mechanisms to bypass the lock. And after a few hours after the start of the blocking, which took place on 17 April, the whole Telegram continued to work without any restrictions in Russia.

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