Telegram launched video calling

Telegram запустил функцию видеозвонков

The messenger Telegram has launched the video calling in the testing mode, iOS users already able to use it, writes the edition Code Durov.

In order to enable video calls, you need to download from the App Store the latest version of messenger. Then ten times click on the settings icon in the app to open the Debug-menu in which to activate the Experimental Feature (Experimental feature). After this, go to profile, “to pull the avatar” and use the function.

It is necessary that the interviewee has performed the same actions, otherwise call by video link will not work.

In addition to video calls, Telegram presented a number of updates. So, the app now has the ability to put video avatar instead of the usual static images. The developers have improved a section of the People next door, adding the capability to know at what distance from you is a companion, and allowed the owners of groups of 500 participants to see detailed statistics.

Also increased the volume of files that you can send to the messenger with 1.5 GB to 2 GB.