“Tell me that’s fake!”: Thank Kaminska is divorcing her husband, a plastic surgeon

"Скажите, что это фейк!": Слава Каминская разводится с мужем - пластическим хирургом

Husband of Fame of DeAngelo filed for divorce.

Beloved by Ukrainians, the singer from the group “Neangely”, a beautiful and sexy Thank Kaminska parted with a man, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky.

Information about divorce appeared on the official site Podolsky district court of Kyiv.

Thus became known date of the divorce of Fame Kaminskaya with a man Edgar. Court hearing scheduled for next Wednesday, June 12, at 9:15. Judging from the information given on the website of the court, filed for divorce, Edgar Kaminsky.

Member of the group “Neangely” Glory married a plastic surgeon of Edgar Kaminsky in 2014. In five years of marriage to couples born two children – a son Leonard and daughter Laura. On his page in Instagram the couple often published family photos, which looked absolutely happy, and was an example of the ideal family for many fans. However, as it turned out, the marriage of Glory and Edgar failed.

The reason for the divorce are not yet known. Neither Glory nor Edgar information, which appeared on the website of the court, do not comment. However, in narrow circles known as the singer and her husband often give vent to emotions and to the public find out the relationship.

A few hours after the release of information about divorce, visit Glory Kaminskaya appeared still from the video for the song “romance”.

Under the post fans expressed their surprise and shock, many do not believe that Glory and Edgar Kaminsky leave: “Slava, please tell me that the divorce is Fake! You’re the perfect family!” – write the subscribers.

Soon, however, Glory has hidden comments under the last post.