Temporarily free The Crew 2, the price of popularity Fortnite and the release of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered edition on Nintendo Switch: TOP gaming news stories of the day

Временно бесплатная The Crew 2, цена популярности Fortnite и выход Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered edition на Nintendo Switch: ТОП игровых новостей дня

Ban the bloody games and Mahjong in China, the dark side, developing Fortnite, a game Stranger Thing before the announcement, the new wireless headset from Steel Series for the Xbox One, the announcement of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition to Switch. All this, and more, in our regular TOP gaming news of the day.

The Crew 2 will be free

Ubisoft has decided to remind gamers of the existence of The Crew 2, announcing a free weekend. The owners of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be free to explore the vastness of the USA. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to the YouTube channel, Ubisoft. Gamers will get access to all game content, including the modes, tracks, cars and so on. Traditionally, earned progress will allow you to save and transfer The Crew 2 after purchase. Besides, Ubisoft is giving the race with a discount of 75%. To preload the game already available in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Uplay. Last attraction of unprecedented generosity from 25 to 28 April. More about The Crew 2 read our review of the game.

A new ban on games in China

China introduced new rules that will prohibit certain categories of games. The ban covers games with blood and corpses, Mahjong and poker, and games based on the Imperial past of the country. Reported by Engadget. The reason lies in the fact that the state administration of press and publications concerned with violence and gambling addiction among youth. So now gamers will not be able to play poker or Mahjong in the game where you have to kill. The blood games have already been banned, but the developers were able to bypass it by changing its color. However, it does not work anymore. China is not the first year watching the games morality. In 2007 it introduced a policy that limits the amount of time and money minors can spend on the game.

The closure of the Stranger Things before the announcement

The Verge conducted an investigation, in which she told Telltale to the closure of the Studio doing just two games in the series Stranger Things from Netflix. In the development of one of them helped Night School Studio, the authors Oxenfree. Telltale turned to Night School Studio in 2017, with a request to create a console game for the series, which complements the main title. Prior to this Studio, consisting of 13 members, made a text adventure Mr. Robot:1.51 exfiltratiOn.

According to the source, the game was developed as a first-person quest. The game is divided into several chapters with different characters who had unique abilities. The events unfolded within one game of the night, and the story was submitted via talk radio.

The problems started due to the fact that to communicate directly with Netflix could only Telltale, which substantially slowed down the development process. Later, the Telltale problems began, but Night School was not betrayed to it value. Even a three-month delay of payments was seen as a setback.

After the closing of the Telltale game of Night School just disappeared. The developers have not received any notification from the Issuer about the closure of the project. According to the staff, I was lucky that the development was a different game – the Afterparty, which allowed us to stay afloat. Game on motives of the Stranger Things that had to do Telltale, Netflix will release their own.

The price of popularity Fortnite

Journalists continue to delve into the dark side of the gaming industry, and more specifically how hard it is to be a developer. This time talking about the problem Polygon, releasing material on the difficulties of working on Fortnite. According to anonymous developers, the team regularly have to work 70 to 100 hours a week in order to have time to release an update. Besides, developers are supposed to drop everything if you found a bug or an imbalance in the weapons, and release a patch immediately.

“If the Assembly came and received a negative reaction, then someone upstairs said: “We need to change that”, and all removed from what they were doing, and say to cancel your plans because they will be working late until it’s correct. It never ends. It’s great to support the community and to the public, but at what price,” said the developer. The source said that at the start of Fortnite, the team had a month to prepare the updates, but with the popularity of Epic Games has increased the demand. Now the developers give days to prepare, because the “marketing Department gave a promise.” If the employee refused to work overtime, missed deadline, it was fired.

“A guy from management said, “Just find more bodies.” The so-called contractors. And if the contractor refuses to work overtime, most likely, his contract will not be renewed.” At the same time, senior management did not work overtime, but only give out the orders: “Recycling was everywhere. The only people who did not work overtime is mainly the guys who told people that we processed”.

Wireless headset for the Xbox One from SteelSeries

Xbox One users are not spoiled with the abundance of wireless headphones for the console. But now the company SteelSeries has released an interesting model Arctis 9X. About it reports The Verge. Connects the SteelSeries Arctis 9X exactly the same as the controller – the user must simultaneously press the buttons of the wireless connection Xbox Wireless on the console and on the headphones and wait. On average, the network needs only 5 seconds. In addition to the rich sound, the developers promise the ease of use. This model also has a Bluetooth connection. And the user will be able to mix the input sound with Bluetooth Xbox One. For example, gamers will be able to communicate fluently on the phone or hold a conversation in black & white and still clearly hear everything that happens in the game. Also stated that the device can operate in standalone mode up to 20 hours. Are these wireless headphones $ 200.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered edition will be released for the Switch

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered edition, the game is about the revolutionaries fighting against the bloody regime on the red planet, July 2, will be released on Nintendo Switch. YouTube already has a video announcing this event. The action in Red Faction: Guerrilla takes place 50 years after the events of the first part of the game. This time the player will be in the role of rebel from the newly re-established red brigade, fighting for freedom from the Earth Defense Force (POPS). Red Faction: Guerrilla pushes the limits of gameplay, based on the destruction, and is different from other similar games huge open world, dynamic of partisan battles and a reliable model of damage.

Earlier we reported that NVIDIA has officially introduced new GeForce GTX 1650. Today it is the smaller model based on the architecture of Turing. Also there are new details about the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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