Ten-year-old girl with severe injuries evacuated by helicopter sanaviatsii in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Десятилетняя девочка с сильными травмами эвакуирована вертолетом санавиации в Нижегородской области

Nizhny Novgorod regional children’s clinical hospital was evacuated a 10 years old girl, which doctors found injury qualified them as heavy.

The evacuation took out from the Central regional hospital Voskresensky district in medical institutions of the regional centre where the victim can provide the necessary medical care.

40 minutes the patient was on Board a rescue helicopter. During this time she assisted can be found here brigade the Nizhny Novgorod territorial centre of medicine of accidents. In the brigade was a physician anesthesiologist-resuscitator Boris Kashin and a nurse-anesthesiologist Oleg Korolev.

– A situation where extremely small time to move by road and the condition of the patient requires the utmost care during the evacuation, does not imply alternatives the helicopter sanaviatsii

– said the acting chief physician of the Nizhny Novgorod territorial center for disaster medicine Michael Sozonov.

It should be noted that the injured patient, ten-year-old girl, rose into the air on a specialized helicopter “ANSAT”, which is equipped with special medical module.

This module provides everything you need to provide it ambulance. Including here is the apparatus for ventilation.

The commander of air sunaikinti Filonenko Abdil:

– The flight was in normal mode, the patient were on Board 40 minutes, despite the fact that the ambulance would take about two hours.