Tenacious: Xiaomi smartphone Black Shark 2 passed a test of strength

Живучий: игровой смартфон Xiaomi Black Shark 2 прошел тест на прочность

New game Xiaomi smartphone Black Shark 2 has passed the crash test in blogger jerryrigeverything once. And it should be noted that the smartphone has shown itself in tests very well.

In particular, blogger scratched screen, with a built-in screen, the scanner continued to work very well. Only in the test of strength game, the flagship Xiaomi showed good results and became one of the best.

However, he failed the test on heating, but most devices with screens OLED fails.

As blogger “bullied” over Xiaomi Black Shark 2 see the video

What is known Xiaomi Black Shark 2. The new top-end Snapdragon processor 855. It is equipped with a Samsung display AMOLED True View technology Magic Press (it separates screen in two separate parts, which react to pressure. It gives gamers additional options for the operation).

Also new is a liquid cooling system. It was introduced in March of this year. The price starts from $ 477 (12 900 UAH).

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