Tens of a huge pelengasa of illegal networks released back in Molochny Liman (video)

Десятки огромных пиленгасов из браконьерских сетей выпустили обратно в Молочный лиман (видео)

Another chronicle of the life of the Milky estuary appeared on the page in FB Director pNPP Dmitry Volovik. I can’t believe that in just a few months the pond has dramatically changed. In fact, instead of dull dry lake, he turned into a real hospital of the Azov sea. Here not only went to the thousands of individuals spawning of haarder, he returned to the shore many species of birds.

The scale of the transformation is staggering. However, some new features of the estuary shamelessly use. The scourge of the reservoir – the poachers who set the network of the pilengas. With them constantly fighting are employees pNPP. Live fish are released back to the estuary. One of these raids and showed Dmitry Volovik.