Tens of thousands of Germans, which the spring return special flights home, receive a bill for the evacuation

Десятки тысяч немцев, которых весной возвращали спецрейсами на родину, получат счета за эвакуацию

On Saturday, June 13, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany advised citizens that the Germans stranded abroad at the time of Declaration of a pandemic COVID-19 and evacuated home will soon receive invoices for this service. “All participants of the evacuation in the coming days and weeks will be individually advised of what their share in the government incurred the costs,” – said the foreign Ministry of Germany.

The German Federal government held in the spring of unprecedented action on the repatriation of German tourists, which the new coronavirus was caught by surprise. These people went abroad on holiday before the announcement of the pandemic and quarantine. Recall that one of the most common measures was the closure of borders with most countries of the world. The German foreign Ministry on March 17 began to organize the mass evacuation of German citizens who were abroad.

Five weeks in Germany have taken a total of 240 thousand people, including 66 thousand delivered aircraft, rented the German foreign Ministry. The last such special flight was made on April 24. Returned home from Cape town (South Africa) 157 Germans. After that, remaining abroad began to return singly or in small groups.

The German foreign Ministry emphasizes that the billing will be made on the basis of the law on consular services. It clearly stated that the people taking advantage of the evacuation, must participate in its funding. “For citizens will be established in the amount of payments, taking into account the distance of the route, average ticket prices and the cost of programs for the evacuation of citizens in other EU countries”, – stated in the explanation of the Ministry.

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