“Terius behind”. It was in the Korean series in 2018 predicted the epidemic of coronavirus?

"Териус за спиной". Была ли в корейском сериале 2018 года предсказана эпидемия коронавируса?

Netizens discussing the film, which described the epidemic of the coronavirus before it started in reality. Speech ideas about the Korean TV series 2018 “Terius behind my back” (or “Terius behind me” – Ed.).

Overall the series is a detective drama, which tells about a former intelligence agent with Terisa who hunts down terrorists. The fate confronts him with the eccentric neighbor – a mother of twins. By coincidence her husband died, being a witness to crimes of the same terrorist organization, which is monitored by Terius.

In the story, the terrorists have manufactured biological weapons – mutated coronavirus, which, like all coronaviruses, it affects the lungs, with the difference that the mortality rate it 90%. There is no vaccine and treatment.

In the hospital between the main character and the doctor takes place the following dialogue:

– Need to conduct more research, but it looks like a mutated coronavirus.

– Coronavirus? MERS?

– MERS, SARS, the flu – they are all from the same family and with similar genetic information. The coronavirus affects the respiratory system. During an outbreak, in 2015 the mortality rate was 20%.

– This is not serious to use it as a weapon?

As I said, it’s a mutating virus. Someone changed it so that the death rate was 90%.

– 90 percent?

– More seriously that the incubation period for mers is 2 to 14 days. This virus was designed to five minutes to attack inside the lungs. This terrible virus.

– Is there some kind of medicine?

– At the moment there is no treatment, no vaccine.

The suitcase with the virus laid in kindergarten, where he arrived the Minister of health, which teaches kids to properly wash their hands.

Note that in this description pretty much matches with the real epidemic of coronavirus. The only difference is that the mortality rate from COVID-19 not 90%, and ranges from 2 to 10% in different countries.

However, the coronavirus infection is known to the world for a long time. Therefore, Korean filmmakers could use the theme for the plot of his film without any hints of “secret knowledge” about the future.