Terrible death of the pregnant woman: murder suspect’s roommate

Жуткая смерть беременной: в убийстве подозревают сожителя

The body of Julia was found in a well, the other day she had to have a second child.

Terrible death of a pregnant woman. The body was found in a well at a depth of five meters. The other day Julia was supposed to have a second child. “Today” talked to the neighbors and acquaintances of the deceased, who had been looking for her for several days. They told me their version of who and what could kill the pregnant woman.

31-year-old Julia was pregnant, here-here should give birth. The last time neighbors saw her on Friday. Victoria lives nearby, raised the alarm when they could not get ahold of Julia.

“I already felt that it is not. It’s not like she left the child. She’s a child, a boy, two and a half years”, – said a friend.

The neighbors saw the son of Yulia walked her roommate. He told everyone that the woman went on business and left phone at home. And anyone in the house is not allowed.

Missing Julia began to track down relatives. Accidentally looked in the abandoned well behind the house. There, in a pile of debris and saw a leg.

A friend of the deceased told the “Today” that the body was half naked. No underwear, just a t-shirt. “He completely debris covered,” says the woman.

As soon as Yulia relatives appealed to the police, her boyfriend disappeared. Guessing that Constantine could kill his pregnant wife.

“If he drank he became a different person. Just drank and hung up”, – says Yulia PAL Victoria Rostokino.

Julia and Constantine first met in the unit, to tell their friends. He served under contract, she was medsestroy. Lived together for a year.

A month ago in the social network, he wrote about love to the woman and her eldest son. Was expecting the birth of their child. But a few days before the tragedy of Constantine dismissed from the armed forces. Now he is wanted by the police. Today it is known that Julia threw into the well is already dead.

“At the time the police arrived the husband was not at home, so we are now looking for it in order to question is known, and if he commit this crime”, – said the press Secretary of management of national police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Olga Kuznetsova.

If the guilt of Constantine will prove that he can appoint the maximum punishment is life imprisonment. After killing two people – Julia and her unborn child.