Terrible plane crash, killing an entire family (photo)

Страшная авиакатастрофа: погибла целая семья (фото)

In Northern Macedonia crashed small passenger plane, on Board of which was Bulgarian family of four people, reports “European true”.

A single-engine plane SEPA P210H with the German room on Tuesday departed from the Macedonian city of Ohrid in Sofia. Due to bad weather, the pilot asked for landing in Skopje, but after a short time he asked permission to continue the flight to Sofia.

17:16 the plane disappeared from radar before that, the pilot reported severe turbulence. Yesterday because of bad weather, the search operation was suspended.

The plane crashed near the mountain range Jakupica. On Wednesday, the Macedonian rescuers found the remains of the plane and the bodies of four people.

The Macedonian authorities are examining the crash site to find out the cause of the accident.

Страшная авиакатастрофа: погибла целая семья (фото)

Страшная авиакатастрофа: погибла целая семья (фото)