“Terrible symbolic significance”. As the leaders of the Maidan have been to protect Tatiana Chornovil, a suspect in the murder of a man

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека

Today, April 10, GBR suspect handed the ex-people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol. She was charged with gravest crime – murder committed by a group of persons that provides for a term of ten years to life imprisonment.

Talking about the attack on the office of the Party of regions, which was vandalised and burned down by the Maidan protesters on February 18, 2014. They were directed by the then activist Chornovol. After Maidan supporters threw in a Molotov cocktail there, choking with carbon monoxide, has died, the system administrator Vladimir Zakharov.

He died directly from the actions of people, led by Chornovil. And this fact was known in General for a long time.

Another issue is that now the political agenda has changed. Against the background of constant allegations that Zelensky forgot about their promises on landing and pulled on the brakes of the case against Poroshenko, the government apparently decided to inflict a significant blow to endure suspicion Tatyana Chornovol – a prominent representative of the former power of the team (she was the people’s Deputy from “popular front”).

However, regardless of the motive of action of GBR and of the Prosecutor General, it is important to note that perhaps for the first time in such a serious crime to accuse a well-known activist.

Which naturally casts doubt on the infallibility and inviolability and other leaders of the Maidan.

Therefore, the protection of the street rushed a powerful support group. But, tellingly criticized the RRG, but carefully avoiding criticism personally Zelensky.

What do the protesters

“Large and indignant post wrote interior Minister Arsen Avakov. He generally did not comment on the plot charges against Chornovil. And focused only on what she was held the Maidan and the ATO, apparently that’s enough to not be prosecuted.

Note that formally, and Avakov, and the cascade is still the party “popular front”. That, apparently, also played a role.

“The lawyer Yanukovych, Mr Bibikov (Minister of the mangled name of the Deputy head of the RRG: actually his name is Oleksandr Babikov -.). You ignored the conflict of interest as head of the DBR and instigated a case against Tatiana Chornovol – a personal enemy of Yanukovych. Case, there is only your thirst for revenge. This is unacceptable!

Tanya was on the Maidan, as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took part in civil protests… Tanya is a talented journalist, an emotional politician. Even her friends and comrades often mad at her for being blunt and harsh rhetoric…

No jurisdiction in the country and should not be. All the heroes, and prosecutors must respond to predtavlena charges. But what happens to Taani inadequate and shameful.

Since the beginning of the war, Tanya, spent on the front lines in the hottest spots all the time.. In Kiev was only to knock out weapons for the units, medicines and equipment.. I signed the order to send her husband to the front. We all mourned his death – a big beautiful man and patriot… we buried him and put a monument to him in his hometown.. said, suppressing tears. son Tani’s dad handed the order… Tanya refused, as the widow of the deceased – “I can’t.. I shall continue to live in the house with children and parents”…

I am ashamed that we allowed such action against Chornovol today..

Yes, Tanya this – she climbs over fences, and says what he thinks – not choosing words… and this is how an adult responds. And normal – but to punish Tanya meanness is impossible!

Mr. Bibikov, I was also on the Maidan on February 18, 2014 – I’m the same as Tanya, come and see me, waiting. Try.

And better go to hell with the civil service, or to Yanukovych back in. Do not interfere with the President to rebuild the country. And so it is not easy!”

That is, Avakov seems to be outraged, but made a nod Zelensky. Although without his knowledge would hardly attack the street.

Interestingly, participation Zelensky noticed Poroshenko, who seems to be in opposition to the government. But by working with Bank on key votes. And in recent years dramatically reduced the intensity of the critics see.

But the former President, as Avakov, who collapsed on the GBR. He expressed the opinion that “searches and criminal prosecution of the activist of the revolution of Dignity Tatiana Chornovil have symbolic value.” He said “this is a victory of the Maidan and the forces of revenge”.

“The lawyer Yanukovych scours, gives a suspicion and is trying to arrest the widow of the hero of the ATO, the mother of two children, Maidan activist, who was assassinated. They release soldiers of “Berkut” who shot the Maidan, arrest activists of the revolution of Dignity.

They continue to break the law. Pechalnoizvestnogo Pechersk court “stamps” such decisions, notwithstanding the jurisdiction of the court of Shevchenko for RRT. Are searched, remove things and scoff at the activist. All this is the handiwork of lawyers of Yanukovych.

This is unacceptable and we will not leave these events without a response!” – said Poroshenko, his address in video format below.

Former speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy (against whom, by the way, opened criminal proceedings on the massacre in Odessa on may 2, 2014) also called searches and suspicion and repression are also reminded of the “times of Yanukovych”.

“The government continues repression.

At dawn today the GBR investigators went to the house of Tatiana Chornovol and now conducting her search. In the case of the arson in the office of “Party of regions” during the revolution of Dignity. Tatiana lives alone with two small children. Husband Nicholas was killed at the front…

What are they going to find Tatiana?

It is solely an attempt of political pressure and intimidation. Anyone who does not agree with the ruling regime. We’ve been through in the days of Yanukovych. The result of such methods is also known, Yanukovych and his clique shamefully fled to Russia.

Call power – stop! Do not fight with the Maidan protesters, and volunteers, and especially – with women and girls! They – unlike you cowards, brave and fearless. Do not repeat the sad mistakes of the Rostov fugitive!

We will not break!

And the answer for all will be certain!”

The leader of Ncorpus Andrey Biletsky acted in unison with Avakov. In his post, the Telegram pointed out, Tetyana Chornovol is a “person specific”, but the murder of a man she’s “sew”.

“Spring is here – planting a start. For participation in the Revolution.

RRT handed suspicion in the murder of Tatyana Chernovol. “The offence of” participation in the protests on 18 February 2014.

Tetyana Chornovol is person specific. But, of course, the patriot of Ukraine who fought for independence and helped the front. Her husband Nicholas Birch – my brother, Azovets “Birch”, who was killed near Ilovaysk in August 2014.

I support Tatiana and ready to provide any assistance needed! The RRG and the General Prosecutor’s office, after the liberation of the Trepak, decided to begin “investigation” of the Affairs of the Maidan with a cotton absurdity. 23 people were killed on 18 February, 104 people were killed during the Maidan. People that were shot by snipers, throwing grenades, tortured and carried in the trunk. Whom it was presented by suspect? 26 “the Eagles”, of which 21 have fled the country, and five traded Zelensky. Today, as it turned out, in the events of February 18 to blame Chornovil, where you “sew” the murder of a man.

The next stage they will try to put everyone who is willing to put up with the delivery of the country attracting the ears of the fabricated case to the events of 2014. The first “coup d’etat” and then for “crimes in Donbass”.

The former party Chornovil “popular front”, the former people’s Deputy Serhiy High expressed the view that the presentation of the suspicion of his ally – is a “Russian special operation”. In his opinion, the current Ukrainian government “helps Putin to destroy the memory of the Maidan.” High suggested that there will be more criminal cases, including against Andriy Parubiy.

“It seems to me that the case Chornovil and possible future of the case against Parubiy and other leaders and activists of the Maidan – this is another of the Russian special operation. Yes, it’s the rewriting and the desecration of the history of the Revolution of dignity. Yes, it attempts to neutralize the victim of protesters and values of the Maidan, putting an equal sign between the killed and the killers.

But the ultimate goal of this RAID in the other. It seems that soon we will hear from many speakers one way or another connected with the Pro-Russian groups and the government the idea that if between the protesters and the regime there was no difference. If the Yanukovych regime and the protesters committed crimes. What if the Maidan was including illegal mass disturbances. So it is necessary to adopt a new Amnesty law” – fears Vysotsky.

Former MP and Maidan activist Mustafa Nayem also outraged by the imposition of suspicion Tatyana Chernovol.

“I have a tat of much controversy and many questions to her political ally. But, friends, the investigators, can you test some rides from stupidity.

Tatiana is credited with the so-called indirect intention when the person foresees the consequences of their actions, but even without wishing it, consciously allow for their occurrence. The demonstrations on suspicion that six years ago, in February 2014 people were in the group threw a Molotov cocktail into the office of Viktor Yanukovych. You guys out there seriously?!

I’m sorry, but “regionals” in the Parliament and Viktor Yanukovych accomplices, who the same day was sitting in the presidential Administration and handed orders to state agencies – they didn’T realize the socially dangerous nature of his actions or didn’T understand how it would end? You accidentally they in no way suspect?

Very sorry to hear of your time, effort and resources. Or you thing it will eat and forget yourself, or you have to rename the loony bin. Because in those days thousands of people across the country were well aware of what they are doing, understand the consequences, but are forced to go to the barricades, otherwise you would be lying with a bullet in the head. Literally.”

“Reminded of the country to which we were loaded after the Maidan”

To review Mustafa Nayem has responded to the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Maxim Buzhansky.

“You know, writes Mustafa Nayem, Tetyana Chornovol just set fire to the building in the centre of the capital in the 14th year.

Well, how was she to know that the building in the city centre someone might be?

Usually just in the center of Kiev empty buildings, where there are people?

So who is to blame? – reflects Nye.

Well, of course not Tanya, who did not know, and the poor bastard who purposely climbed and burned alive to ruin Tanya summer holidays 20th year.

But Yanukovych, writes on Nye…

No, Mustafa, one of the Congress on Yanukovych’s killer not otmazatsya. Need immediately, without wasting time to drag Stalin, Beria, Putin. And combine all of the issues in which they appear with question of the death of the unfortunate who was unlucky enough to be in the path of the cascade.

But I am grateful to Mustafa, he vividly recalled the country to which we were loaded after the Maidan.

Gave the opportunity to re-evaluate the approach,” wrote Buzhansky in telegrams channel.

Responded to the charges in his address and in the RRG.

“RRT is out of policy. An assessment of the reasonableness of the suspicion the court. The investigator and the Prosecutor in criminal proceedings are independent and make decisions based on the evidence collected and circumstances of the case”, – reads the statement of the state Bureau.

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека

"Ужасное символическое значение". Как вожди Майдана стали на защиту Татьяны Черновол, подозреваемой в убийстве человека