Terriers, pugs and bulldogs turned out to be mutants

Терьеры, мопсы и бульдоги оказались мутантами

Rapid and noisy breathing in some types of dogs explained by gene mutation, rejecting the theory of the deformation of the Airways.

Ploskomordy such dogs as bulldogs and pugs are known not only interesting appearance, but also difficulty breathing. Experts believe that the reason for this wrong form of the skull, leading to deformation of the airway brachycephalic dogs. Biologists have noticed that the same respiratory problems observed in other breeds, including Norwich Terriers, whose skull shape is correct elongated shape.

A group of geneticists from Switzerland and the UK asked this question and conducted a study on the genes of dogs. Scientists have found that Terriers, pugs and bulldogs turned out to be mutants. Inherited mutation involves the presence of the ADAMTS3 gene, occurring in more than 400 diagnosed Norwich Terriers. The gene responsible for the development and work of the connective tissue and lymph nodes, and his mutation allows to accumulate in the liquid.

Further, the specialists checked the 1,300 dogs of more than 100 breeds. This mutation was not detected in all tested species, but was often found in bulldogs and Staffordshire Terriers. More than 80% of English bulldogs are a mutation of the gene on two chromosomes. Experiments with the deletion mutant ADAMTS3 has shown that the protein not only leads to edema but also to deformation of the skull and muzzle of dogs.

The study will help in the future works connected with relief of the breathing abilities of the dogs.