Terror of terrorists: there was a video of the work “Ukrainian Javelin” in the Donbass

Гроза террористов: появилось видео работы ''украинского Javelin'' на Донбассе

On Donbass showed the effect of the anti-missile system “Stugna” Ukrainian production, which is called the alternative to the American Javelin.

As stated in the story TSN, until recently, in the combat zone to journalists this ATRA showed (to see the video, pascalite news down).

Made in Ukraine even before the war, missile is very effective, especially against military equipment due to its double charge.

“Double charge means that there is a little part that confuses dynamic protection, and the part that burns 80 centimeters of armor or meter of concrete, so it has a very high possibility,” – said the fighter APU.

However, ATRA is quite expensive – the cost of one shot can be compared with the price of a Studio apartment (about 20 thousand dollars). Thus for Javelin “Stugna” cheaper by almost four times.

The installation conducts a missile using a laser beam, the range is five kilometers. It is noted that mass production of complex started only after the loss of debaltseve.

The military said that “Stugna” is similar to artificial intelligence, which he does everything for the shooter, whose main task – after a shot time to leave the line of fire.