Tesla “banned” Elon musk to write posts: “Only with the approval of the lawyer”

Tesla «запретила» Илону Маску писать посты: «Только с одобрения юриста»

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk now can’t just make a post on his page in the social network

“The agreement, which is awaiting the decision of a Federal judge, provides that Musk must “obtain prior approval of any experienced lawyer securities”, hired Tesla, before you post to Twitter or other social network anything relating to the financial performance of the company”, – stated in the message.

According to journalists, now Musk will not be able to publish information about “information about the financial condition of Tesla, profit forecasts, proposed acquisition and production data”.

While announced company list “is not exhaustive”.

As previously reported, a group of scientists associated with the project Neuralink, is working on technology for minimally invasive brain stimulation.

The researchers implanted rats with electrodes to track brain activity. Development in the future will allow you to control your computer by thought. A team of American scientists published in the repository biorxiv Preprint of scientific work, which describes the new technology of brain stimulation. Money for experiments have identified Management of perspective research projects of the Ministry of defense (DARPA). On development, the military has provided $2.1 million.

Bloomberg found that all five authors of the scientific work are somehow connected with ambitious start-up Neuralink, which in 2016 was founded by the entrepreneur Elon Musk. Some experts working in the company, and others affiliated with it informally.

Neuralink is developing a “neural lace” – an innovative interface that will allow you to connect a human brain to a computer.

Musk hopes that technology will give people the opportunity to compete with artificial intelligence.

However, in the first stage, a startup is going to develop neuroimplant for use in neurosurgery. The device will help patients recover from brain injuries and to improve the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

In scientific work, published in biorxiv database, the technique of inserting electrodes into the brain of a rat. Scientists compare the system with a sewing machine. During the procedure the animal to reveal the skull, and the brain by inserting a needle for implanting a thin and flexible polymer electrodes. The second element of the device is a small printed circuit Board attached to the back of the head of a rat and reads the brain signals. One of the animals implanted into the brain more than 20 electrodes, after which the condition individuals were followed for two months. Other experiments lasted less.

Tesla «запретила» Илону Маску писать посты: «Только с одобрения юриста»