Tesla earns on electricity

Tesla зарабатывает на электричестве

Artem Aslanyan

Less than a year ago, the head of the American company Tesla Elon Musk promised to solve the problem of electricity in Australia.

In this country the production of electricity depends on solar panels and wind turbines – both sources are not constant. On the other hand, the electricity consumption is characterized by large “spikes” and “dips” in demand, particularly for use in hot climates, air conditioners and other cooling devices. As a result, the Australian electricity grid subject to constant fluctuations in electricity demand, and there are situations in which the national electricity company willing to pay consumers for the use of accumulated excess capacity.

Solve the problems Elon Musk has come with a gigantic battery. The idea is simple: the battery can be charged when excess power threatened the stability of the network. And then, when demand for electricity is growing again, the battery “gives” the accumulated potential. Technology which allowed to create a Mask first full electric car “Tesla”, was used in Australia in the new scale.

Elon Musk took to solve the problem of Australians in 10 months. But the “drummers production” of Tesla coped with the task in just 6 months. Skeptical of the project initially were the only investors of the company: the economic meaning of the project was not clear. During testing in January this year, a giant battery, in particular, helped to ensure the stability of the grid at a time when the failed coal-fired power plants. In just 140 milliseconds installing Tesla could “catch” electricity supply from zero to 100 megawatts.

After that, it became clear that giant battery may generate income. At the time of overproduction of energy, the installation takes the excess from the Australian network. And then, when demand rises sharply, helps to fill the volume of consumption. Both of which are paid, and in difficult conditions, redistribution of power, as happened on 18 and 19 January, Tesla, according to experts, could earn about one million Australian dollars (or Euro 650 thousand).

However, Elon Musk has promised that the project at first, Australia will not pay a dime. But for the industry of electricity production is not the main thing. Set a precedent, and now the technology of “energobrazovania” can be applied in other markets where the generation and consumption of electricity depend on many factors. Integrated technological solutions for storing electricity until now failed to introduce on the market of any country. Megascooter Tesla capacity of 100 MW to 129 MW/h, which was installed near the wind power plant can provide electricity to 30,000 households in the next hour. And this is only the beginning.

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