Tesla is going to build in Alaska, energy storage

The company Elon musk argues that the construction of the battery station will reduce the dependence of the state from fossil fuels. Therefore, the state will be open to renewable energy sources.

Electric power company Homer Electric Association (HEA) announced a collaboration with Tesla on the project BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). Station in Alaska will accumulate up to 93 MW/h of energy and improve the efficiency of the grid, to avoid power failures and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, writes Electrek.

When work station

BESS will be installed at the power plant Soldotna in sterling. Running the store is scheduled for fall 2021.

The leadership of the HEA also noted that Tesla will allow them to use more energy from renewable sources and less reliance on fossil fuels.

BESS has an important additional advantage as it will pave the way for renewable energy projects, which otherwise create tension in the generation of thermal generation,
– said representatives of the power company.

Interestingly, to conclude the contract Tesla managed through the social networks. In August, CEO Musk turned to his 28 million Twitter followers with a request to help him sell a new industrial battery company Megapack.

And recently he announced that the business growth Tesla for the manufacture of solar panels, tiles and energy storage systems can overtake the company’s success in the automotive industry.

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