Tesla is preparing a major update of the models S and X

Tesla готовит серьезное обновление моделей S и X

The work is conducted as part of the secret “Project Palladium”

In the bowels of the Tesla group we are currently working on two projects. This is a project Roadrunner, about which we already know that it is to develop its own batteries for future electric vehicles. As well as a secret “Project Palladium”, the newspaper reports Electrek.co.

Under the “Project Palladium” means the program of renovation of production lines of model S and X. This will affect how the plant in Fremont, where the collected machine and girafarig in Nevada, where they make batteries.

It is expected that cars will be updated at least the battery packs and motors. However, one of the sources claims that the company is preparing a new body for their flagship models. And it’s not so much about the new design, how about changing the power structures of bodies.

Modernization of the flagship models seems very logical. The Model S debuted in 2012, and although since then the car has been updated several times, she already looks outdated. The Model X crossover entered the market in late 2015, but he could use a little updating.

Sales of models S and X practically does not grow for three consecutive years, holding at around 100 thousand cars a year in total. The main growth of sales of companies now provide electric cars Junior line: models 3 and Y.

Interestingly, no one understands why the project is called “Palladium”. This metal of the platinum group, in which electric vehicles are still not widely used. But it is actively used in cars with internal combustion engines, where it performs the role of catalyst in the system of neutralization of exhaust gases Dogaressa. Perhaps this kind of humor, Elon musk, which suggests that his project will clean the air from harmful emissions.

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