Tesla is running autopilot staged an accident with police and ambulance

Tesla под управлением автопилота устроила ДТП с полицией и «скорой»

The electric car crashed into the emergency vehicles when they were at the scene of another accident.

Electric car Tesla, which was under the control of the autopilot, got in an accident in the us state of Arizona. He crashed into a police car, which after a collision, hit the “ambulance”. Both cars were at the scene of another accident.

The incident occurred in the district town of Benton, where on the highway there was a road accident. When the police cars and ambulance arrived on the scene and began to help the victims, a parked police SUV crashed Tesla Model S.

Blow was such force that patrol Chevrolet Tahoe PPV not just was severely damaged back, and more than 2-ton car was thrown into the standing nearby car “ambulance”. At the time of the collision none of the vehicles were no people, so no one was hurt.

The Department of public safety Arizona announced that 23-year-old driver of the Tesla in the time of the accident was under investigation on charges of driving in an alcohol intoxication. He could not control the vehicle, and Tesla was moving under the control of the autopilot.