“Tesla Model UAZ”: the world’s First “Patriot” electric “blew up” the network

«Tesla Model УАЗ»: Первый в мире «Патриот» на электротяге «взорвал» сеть

According to the creators of the unusual, “Patrick”, they were able to do exactly what failed plant.

On his YouTube channel blogger Maxim Chekhov explained that on this ambitious project he was thinking more than a year. Last summer he was offered to try to install on a new UAZ “Patriot” truck motor, what the master had to disassemble it almost completely.

With the car lifted the whole engine, fuel tank and exhaust system, then the expert started attempts to build an electric power plant. The first prototype, explains the expert, is the engine for the UAZ “Patriot” with a looped cooling system and the intake manifold.

“The first tests it was successful, only to install it all in the Car”, says the expert, stating that the operation of the electric power plant will be carried out through “native” gear box of UAZ “Patriot”, and complement the picture of the world’s first “Patrick” on electric a few spots of attachment located on the massive metal engine cover.

The process of installation and debugging unusual power installation on UAZ “Patriot” took the masters a few long days, but the work has fully justified itself – pick wound up with first time and cheerfully left the walls of the garage, and then drove a few miles, picking up speed and causing the delight of not only the driver, but also third-party observers: “a Group of enthusiasts did what you couldn’t do a factory!”

UAZ “Patriot” electric “blew up” the network. The commentators under the video appreciated such an unusual and exclusive revision of the domestic SUV, recognizing that such a “Patron” they really like because of the cost of its maintenance will probably be less than on petrol: “the Tesla Model UAZ”, “Elon Musk biting elbows”, “Left to bring to mind – will be on the roads to drive”.

«Tesla Model УАЗ»: Первый в мире «Патриот» на электротяге «взорвал» сеть

«Tesla Model УАЗ»: Первый в мире «Патриот» на электротяге «взорвал» сеть