Tesla plans to use an unusual alloy in the manufacture of truck Cybertruck

Tesla планирует применять необычный сплав при производстве пикапа Cybertruck

Tesla is going to use an unusual alloy in the production of his electric pickup Cybertruck, and the company intends to build upon the experience obtained in developing spacecraft.

This was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his Twitter page.

Recall that one of the interesting features of the body presented in November 2019 conceptual pickup Cybertruck was the use of all-metal panels of cold rolled stainless steel.

Now Musk says that the materials of the case “starship” SpaceX change, and they potentially can be used for the production of a pickup truck. In particular, the head of Tesla mentioned alloy 304L, but did not specify whether it will form the basis of Cybertruck pickup truck or vehicle of SpaceX.

It should be noted that the alloy 304L is very versatile, and he, too, is a cold rolled stainless steel. It is used in the manufacture of tableware and kitchen equipment in addition, it is well-formed and welded.

It is obvious that the head of Tesla wants to find a material that is relatively easy and inexpensive to use in mass production, thus, it will possess good consumer qualities (not to rust and to withstand high loads).

Elon Musk