Tesla revealed the damning figures of losses

Tesla раскрыла убийственные цифры убытков

Tesla revealed the financial results of their work. In 2018, the electric car was rescued 21.4 billion dollars, up 82% over 2017. But the optimism ends.

The net loss for the reported 12 months amounted to 976 million dollars. Over the last two years Tesla went down by 2.85 billion dollars. In the middle of last year the company was close to bankruptcy, and some experts have told her that she would collapse before the end of summer 2018.

However, the company has embarked on cost reduction. Tesla fired employees, canceled free of charge for owners of electric cars, and took other measures. The result – a net profit in the fourth quarter of last year, for the first time in many months. Suspended for three years from the leadership of the “Tesla” Elon Musk expects that his offspring will show the plus and in the first quarter of 2019.

In just 2018, Tesla sold 239 475 electric cars of the three models – S, X, and 3. On the approach of the Roadster, long-haul tractor, a compact crossover Model Y pickup.