Tesla spoke about their processor for Autonomous cars

В Tesla рассказали о собственном процессоре для беспилотных авто

Regarding their intentions to release its own processor for unmanned car company Tesla Motors announced in 2017. From the beginning software development for the chip worked Jim Keller, who created many successful products for Apple and AMD, however, the developer switched to Intel.

As reported by Overclockers, in the event Tesla Autonomy Day the company’s representatives revealed many technical details on the Full autopilot Self-Driving (FSD), which are equipped with a new electric Model S, Model X and Model 3.

Characteristics. Processor of Full autopilot Self-Driving is made for 14-nanometer process technology FinFET at the Texas factory, Samsung Electronics and has 6 billion transistors. The die area is 260 square millimeters.

В Tesla рассказали о собственном процессоре для беспилотных авто

Processor Tesla has a number of advantages over NVIDIA

In a given chip has twelve 64-bit cores ARM Cortex-A72 with an operating frequency of 2.2 GHz, a graphics module with a stated processing capacity of 600 GFlops and field support FP32 / FP16, and who are responsible for the acceleration of neural network algorithms.

Advantages. As Tesla claims its autopilot FSD has 21 times greater performance than NVIDIA solutions, which it will replace. On the Board are soldered two of the above processor provided as separate systems of power, RAM and they perform the same calculations.

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