Tesla threatens to “ban” unhappy customers

Tesla угрожает «забанить» недовольных клиентов

Crossover Tesla Model Y was the first model of the brand, which went on sale not late, and ahead of the original plan. However, many buyers found in the car a lot of defects like bad paint or poorly made furnishings.

As found out the publication Auto Motor und Sport, the owners have the right to refuse already bought the car, but Tesla faces a ban on the purchase of a new electric vehicle in the course of the year.

On the website of the automaker really has a mention of such a bath. The idea is that because the queue for the Model Y, a disgruntled customer can not change the defective car for a new one, but can only get the money back. At the same time to order a new Model Y he can only after a year, that does not prevent him to buy any other model of Tesla.

There is, however, said that in case company will suspect buyer fraud when returning the car, he may be banned for a year on the purchase of any electric car brand. What is meant by this is not clear.

These rules apply only in North America. In Germany, deliveries of the Model Y of the USA is not there the production will establish at existing Gigabit in Berlin. Perhaps by the time of its launch, the crossover will get rid of all childhood diseases.