Test Mitsubishi L200 in the Carpathians. The test road

Тест Mitsubishi L200 в Карпатах. Испытание бездорожьем

Formally, this is a restyling of the fifth generation, which is sold with the 16-year. But restyling very important and deep. Finally, a brutal appearance, which is now not ashamed to compare with direct competitors.

Hood raised, lights scattered wide, and the diodes now and the front and rear. Well, of course new exterior colors.

Due to the large tire clearance the new Mitsubishi L200 has increased by half an inch. In the end, the angles of entry, exit and ramps increased by degrees each.

The engines remained the same but technical change is not too little: increased radius of brake disks, reinforced springs and shock absorbers, and indeed, the Japanese say about two and a half thousand improvements. That is not visible – the main thing is a new machine, now on 6 stages.

How the truck behaves on road and track in the Carpathians, in what trim levels will be available and at what price, as well as all the improvements in more detail, you can learn watch our test drive. Pleasant viewing!