Test of fate: Pavel Globa Zodiacs warned of impending dangers

Испытания судьбы: Павел Глоба предупредил Зодиаки о грядущих опасностях

The last week of January begins a 9-month “nightmare” for the signs of the Zodiac. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces until November will have to face serious challenges. Other Signs to relax too. Difficult period associated with the Black Moon, which is from 27 January to 20 October 2020, will be in adverse Aries. Astrologer Pavel Globa has warned the Zodiacs about the trials of Lilith in the current year.

Over the next 9 months Aries and Taurus will need a reliable supply of haloperidol. The first will be constantly subject to outbursts of uncontrollable anger. Emotional Rams will be a “bundle of nerves”. All the little things will seem irritable. But Taurus will have to deal with their own phobias. Representatives of the Sign will often be faced with fears. Pavel Globa encourages Calves to overcome their phobia, alone or with the help of professionals. And Aries, the astrologer advises to keep myself together and avoid conflicts.

The true test of destiny Lilith in Aries have prepared Virgins. Representatives of this Zodiac will always have to solve problems on the go. Time to think will not, so the most important thing – not to panic, said Globa. Weights will need patience to Black Moon has not destroyed their marriage. Until November, the risks are family quarrels, in which it is better to give up in favor of the second half. Fish “nabesh bumps” in the material matters.

Im Pavel Globa advises not to spend money on major purchase and not to invest in the business. Scorpios should carefully monitor the health. Lilith in Aries will try to provoke an aggravation of diseases. The zodiac must not abuse heavy food and unhealthy habits.

Other Characters Pavel Globa also warned about the future dangers. The twins do not change the habitual life. Cancers can bring a deceptive purpose. The lions are in big trouble in legal matters. Lonely Sagittarius should be careful to fall in love. There is a risk of a short relationship. Capricorns can fall out with family and friends. You need to learn how to give. Aquarius should avoid gossip. In 2020, they should not take someone else’s word for the truth.

Astrologer Pavel Globa said that this information should not be considered a sentence. On the contrary, Lilith in Aries reveals the negative qualities of people to give a chance to deal with them. The recommendation of an astrologer will help to overcome the unfavorable period from 27 January to 20 October with no problems.