Test rollover of the convertible. What will happen to the passenger (VIDEO)

Тест по опрокидыванию кабриолета. Что будет с пассажиром (ВИДЕО)

Experts note that in case of an accident with the coup convertible does not protect the people, if not equipped with special arcs. The reason is weak the roof of such vehicles, even if it is made of metal.

In order to increase the degree of protection for chairs set of special arcs that prevent the punch heads of the passengers in the convertible on the ground in the event of an accident. However, these arcs do not always have sufficient height.

Donut Media recently put the roller on the protection of the rights of passengers cars with an open top. For example, in video used Mazda MX-5 Miata, in which the windshield is below head level of the passenger. Such a model can be called one of the most risky, because in a coup the passengers was seriously injured. The car can be additionally equipped by special arcs, which are mounted outside of the chairs. In the event of an accident they take the hit.

For the experiment, the organizers opted for two sets 65 and $ 600. The first has 4 locking points in one plane, and the second looks like an arc of black color which is fixed on a few bolts. In the process of testing the first set turned forward, which is fraught with additional injury, and the second to the nines smashed fixing, but the arc turned out to be stronger.

On the basis of this experiment, the experts came to the conclusion that a car with an open top must have a solid frame that stands over the heads of the passengers. And this car should not be cheap.