Test to see. Why Ukrainian power plants ends coal and where does the schema Kolomoisky

Тест для Зе. Почему на украинских электростанциях заканчивается уголь и причем тут схемы Коломойского

Author: Liudmila Ksenz

Source: Country.ua

In Ukraine the new energy emergency. Reserves of coal for domestic thermal power plants fell to a record low – almost 50% lower than the same date last year (0.9 million tonnes).

“If nothing is done, there is a risk that the heating season will be shortages of heating and electricity,” – said “the Country,” head of special projects of the SEC “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev.

On this occasion, yesterday, held a closed meeting with Zelensky. However, what was discussed behind closed doors, remained a “state secret” for long.

Citing its own sources, the meeting is described in detail on the page in Facebook chief editor of “Censor.NO” Yury Butusov.

“Yesterday in the Office of the President has passed the resonance, the meeting on the state of Affairs in the energy sector, reduction of prices and tariffs for electricity for industrial enterprises. According to sources the Censor.No, were invited for the meeting of the SBU, NABOO, ARS. President Vladimir Zelensky asked the question – when will be reduced electricity tariffs for businesses? This position was supported by the Federation of employers.

And then it turned out that the issue of tariffs is not as important compared to the question is at what price to buy coal? It turned out that Ukraine loads to the warehouses, more than 49 thousand tons of coal per day, and the actual consumption – 73 thousand tons per day. Consumption is not compensated. If stocks are not replenished, then they will last only until mid-October. The situation is critical and requires quick decisions. Therefore it is necessary to make a decision – like buying coal for thermal power generation? Began to discuss the coal. It turned out that coal is now profitable to buy or in Colombia, at 1,900 hryvnias per tonne, or… according to the “Rotterdam +”. – Butusov wrote.

However, commenting on this post representative of the President in the Cabinet and adviser on energy Andriy Gerus wrote: “Yura, you got a false information at the meeting. Are you sure you trust the source of that saying?”. But a more extended explanation is not given.

Source “Countries” said that “the meeting was ze balances of coal in storage (power – Ed.) which really is at a critically low level.”

The media was apprised of the situation.

Electrical circuit

As told to “the Country” Ryabtsev, initially on the situation in the energy market was planned a meeting of the NSDC. And it would have been the second “energy” of the national security Council during the presidency Zelensky. And, paradoxically, on the ground discussed the surplus of coal which the domestic mines could not sell the plant, and, accordingly, had no money for salaries. And the second wanted to devote to the shortage of coal at the thermal power plants, which still may not want to buy it.

But in the end, the Council has not collected, choosing the format of a private meeting with the President.

Thus, according to the head of the Independent trade Union of miners Mikhail Volynets, “pressured the power company and demanded to reduce the electricity tariff by 20%”.

It should be noted that the issue of expensive electricity was also discussed at the last Cabinet on 14 August. And on this occasion there was a skirmish between energy Minister Igor Naselnikam and Andrey Gerus. Nasalik said that prices have risen too much, and the rates of TES decreased by 7-15%. And Gerus retorted: if in June the heat generation of sold electricity at 1.44 UAH, in July – by 1.7 hryvnia per kilowatt.

Then the voice introduced and immediately took the project to sell gas at a discount to the Luhansk TPP of DTEK Rinat Akhmetov (which many observers took it as pure corruption scheme Groisman), as well as the benefits tariffs for industrial enterprises.

Again to the subject of tariffs, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised to return at the next Cabinet on August 21. But then surfaced the topic of coal. Actually, at Luganskaya TPP cheap gas must be supplied as an alternative to coal to be supplied with Russian mines. Another source for electricity generation in this thermal power plant no, and if you put gas at the market price, rates for Luhansk just fly, explained Nasalik.

“Actually, Zelensky discussion of tariffs for electricity went in the same circle and logical ran into a coal”, – said “the Country” source.

Coal remained for a few days

According to the Ministry of the coal industry, on 20 August in the warehouses of Ukrainian power plants is stored only 897,3 thousands of tons of coal, which is 48% lower than the same date last year.

In some TES, the situation is generally catastrophic. For example, on the Dnieper TPP supply of coal is only 10.1 thousand tons, and this will last for 4 days.

On Lugansk thermal power plant coal left 3,1 thousand tons and it was expected the Ministry to end tomorrow.

7 days left of coal at the Zaporizhzhya thermal power plant, on a 6 – on Dobrotvorskaya, three – in Ladyzhyn and Uglegorskaya TPP. The homeland of the President Zelensky in Krivoy Rog – all a disaster. The coal stock at the local Kryvyi Rih TPP, according to the Ministry – zero, although it is necessary 2,5 thousand tons per day.

The expected period of development of warehouses – 12 days – Trypilska TPP, which is connected to, including, the capital. There remained only 27 thousand tons of coal, that is, the warehouses filled with just 19.1%.

Colombia, plus instead of Rotterdam

There are several versions of the “coal crisis”. The first is the most obvious. Russia has imposed restrictions on the supply of coal to our country.

As a result, in July shipments, according to the Central dispatching Department of fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation decreased by 85% to is 129.3 thousand tons. From Russia to us were delivered to anthracite, which employs Tripoli, Pridneprovskaya, Luganskaya, Slavyanskaya, Zmeevsky, the kryvorizka TPP.

Production at Ukrainian mines only reduced. According to the energy Ministry, since the beginning of the year produced 15.3 million tonnes, which is 375 thousand tons below the plan. Given the fact, like a snowball growing debt of the miners for the same power, mine is powered-down, there are accidents and flooding. For example, as already wrote “Country” flooded mine “may day” in the Luhansk region, and the elimination of the accident, told Volynets, no spare parts, no money.

According to his forecasts, the winter coal production in Ukraine will drop even more. That is, the shortage of coal will only increase.

The company DTEK has announced that are looking for alternatives, and 13 August were brought to the port of South first shipment of anthracite coal and gas groups (a total of 400 thousand tonnes) from Colombia. Next delivery expected in early September.

The average cost of Colombian coal is about 1,9 thousand UAH per ton. There is another option with coal from the United States, a test batch of which were imported to Ukraine (at the power plant “Centrenergo”) last year. He’s worth, and Columbia, 1913 hryvnia per ton. In South Africa – 1811 hryvnia per ton. The price of Ukrainian mines – 2,5 thousand hryvnias, and the new electricity market to keep the tariffs at an acceptable level, we need coal by 1.7 thousand.

And indeed it turns out that, if you count the price of coal on the controversial Rotterdam plus formula (which, however, is no longer valid since June 1, after he earned a law on electricity market), which not only reversed, but also openly called a criminal scheme to 19 billion, the price will be much lower – about 1, 7 thousand hryvnia per ton.

“The paradox of the Rotterdam plus is that there price is taken in retrospect, that is, for a certain period. But just in this period the price of coal on world markets fell,” he explained, “the Country,” Gennady Ryabtsev.

That is, stories about “profitability” formula “Rotterdam+” are largely manipulative in nature.

And, as I suspect the experts, the new coal aggravation will use to create a new formula to replace the cancelled Rotterdam.

According to another version, the coal shortage is artificial.

“There are no regulations that would oblige the TPP to purchase certain volumes. And in the summer they have too much coal and not needed. Plus, with the new electricity market interested in some power stations produce less in order to artificially hold back the offer and to enter into treaties advantageous to prices,” does not exclude Ryabtsev.

Simply put, energy consciously reduce electricity production and Jack up the prices. And as among customers there are large enterprises who can not stop, so they will pay for electricity any money, the room for maneuver of the power plants there. However, such facts, if they are, do not belittle the problem of shortage of coal.

Build new schema

The third version is more interesting. It is suspected that the shortages of coal to the state thermal power plant connected with the redistribution of the coal schemes, which previously sat in the nearest environment eks-the President of Petro Poroshenko, and now go structure associated with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the people’s Deputy Homutynnik and its close partner businessman fux.

The old “carbon looking” Vitaly Kropachev controls the mine “Krasnolimanskaya”, debts to which the “Tsentrenergo” (and it provides 30% of thermal generation in the country) about 1 billion hryvnia. But because it mines the coal there are not shipped. Do not go also with the Western mines, looking at whom was the Deputy from BPP Andrew Vengrin.

However, as already wrote “Country”, after the change of government, “Centrenergo” held a personnel reshuffle, in particular, updated the Board. As the source told us, “cleansing” provided by the head of the state property Fund Vitaly Torubarov, who is considered a person of people’s deputies Vitaly Homutynnik and Heller, and they, in turn, are included in the entourage of Igor Kolomoisky. “Khomutynnik, Paul Fuchs, Geller,” he listed our new “looking” for “Centrenergo”.

“Trying to establish the new scheme, but did not consider that physically, to organize the supply of coal to not less than 20 days, that is, not thought through this question. But in General the problem Kolomoisky, Fuchs and For more global – they took control of the energy, but didn’t think about the resource base – about coal. Therefore, they are now rushing around the world trying to find coal. And it is expensive. Yes, and Russia cut off supplies,” says “the Country” a source in the energy market.

The head of Committee of creditors “Tsentrenergo” Dmitry Kryuchkov told “the Country” that he did not approve contracts for coal of more than 3 billion hryvnia, as there was a speech about deliveries of coal to average $ 125 per ton using the company-gaskets with statutory Fund of one thousand hryvnia and prepaid.

“Country” contacted Kryuchkov just when he was at SBU – office of Ivan Bakanova. He later said that he had been in the building on Volodymyrska 8 hours.

“Sued under a new coal – for a new supply that have entered into the new members of the Board of “Centrenergo”, – he said.

“August 15, SBU on my application instituted criminal proceedings against Kononenko and Poroshenko, according to the article 238 and 113 of the criminal code (Financing of terrorism and the state/treason). A separate proceeding – for new management to “Tsentrenergo” – scheme of withdrawal of money from the budget are identical to those practiced in Kononenko”, – he told “the Country.”

According to Kryuchkov, if last year Centrenergo has received a UAH 2.6 billion profit, this has 200 million loss on a monthly basis.

“Although market conditions have not changed,” he says. That is, we can talk about withdrawal.

In a “Country” is a copy of the contract between “Centrenergo” and the company “Nafta Force” of 30 July of this year on purchase by state enterprise of 30 thousand tons of coal (+/- 5%) “Nafta Force” with the supply of Zmeevskaya and Tripoli TPP at 2712 UAH per ton including VAT. Sender – Belarus (it is possible that this is the same Donetsk or Russian coal).

There is also a specification of 50 thousand coal from the same supplier at 2574 hryvnia per ton.

“Force of nafta” was registered in Boryspil, Kyiv region with a capital Fund of just 1 thousand. Founder – resident of the capital Obolon Paul Alekseenko. The company’s activities are technical service and auto repair, retail parts trade, mediation in trade of fuels, ores, metals, products of wide assortment. The latter, apparently, is the coal. On Alexeenko also was company is “Mario group” with an authorized capital of UAH 100, which deals with fuel trade. It owns, in particular, the network of filling stations in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Some of them are just under the numbers. Others under the brand ANP, which in the fuel market is referred to a group of filling stations Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov.

According to the head of “A-95” Sergei Kuiun, in 2018, “Mario group” ran a gas station ANP on the Friendship of peoples in Kiev. Ryabtsev says that this is a standard Practica for gas stations that belong to the group “Privat” – lease them numerous small firms, then after six months or a year there is a rotation of “tenants”, the company liquidated and preregistered. Therefore, to find the extreme in case some violation is almost impossible.

In a “Country” was a copy of the contract between PJSC “Centrenergo” and the Nikopol Ferroalloy plant (the latter is included in the sphere of influence Kolomoisky), in which we are talking about the supply of electricity to the company. In it, in particular, stated that “Centrenergo” was released Nikopolskogo Ferroalloy plant from 7 to 13 July, more than 70 thousand MW/h of electricity in the amount of 134,5 million. One megawatt cost the company 1230-2030 hryvnia (peak and off peak load). From 21 to 27 July, “Centrenergo” released 70, 233 thousand MW/h of electricity at a price 1005-1800 hryvnia per megawatt hour. According to Kryuchkov, “below cost”.

That is, in fact, there is a double scheme – work at coal and saving on electricity.

Much now depends on the reaction Zelensky on what is happening. He will give you Bakanov and the progress of criminal cases for schemes that allegedly linked to Kolomoisky, or put them on the shelf – the question. Especially given persistent rumours about the close ties of the President with the oligarch.

Тест для Зе. Почему на украинских электростанциях заканчивается уголь и причем тут схемы Коломойского

Тест для Зе. Почему на украинских электростанциях заканчивается уголь и причем тут схемы Коломойского

Тест для Зе. Почему на украинских электростанциях заканчивается уголь и причем тут схемы Коломойского