Tests for coronavirus gave some business? (video)

Тесты на коронавирус отдали неким бизнесменам? (видео)

Journalists recorded as part of the tests, which were purchased by the Ministry of health in China, was shipped with the car public health Center former head of the large pharmacy chains.

Footage of strange activity near the Ministry of health was published in the plot of “Schemes: corruption in detail”.

Journalists witnessed the distribution of rapid tests Chinese AmonMedCAS, who purchased the Ministry and other health products. One pack in the machine “of Medspectubes”, another – in the car Michael Tsarenko, a graduate of medkoledzh and former head of a major pharmacy chain “BIOCON”.

In Kiev, this man is remembered as the Director of “Kievzelenstroy”, under which in 2012 the utility almost bought Italian chestnuts “Briti” for 6000 hryvnia per seedling is 4 million. In time it was discovered that these were the usual chestnuts – horse variety.

Subsequently Tsarenko became chief of staff of the Kiev regional state administration, but after his release from the post at the end of 2016 disappeared from information space.

Reporters noted that now Michael Tsarenko has anything to do with the Ministry of health, he noticed there quite often, particularly in the company of the former Minister Ilya Yemets.