Tetris may be an effective therapeutic tool

Тетрис может стать эффективным терапевтическим средством

Scientists use our new toy Tetris, which enjoyed wide popularity in the 90-ies. According to experts, it can be an effective therapeutic tool, able to help with certain health problems, reports Newsmir.info.

Children who grew up in the 90s, know what Tetris. Today, however, scientists have found a new use for the once popular toy, according to experts from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Tetris can be used not only for entertainment. Toy, as it turned out, has a certain therapeutic effect.

In particular, with the help of Tetris can weaken traumatic memories. Accordingly, the toy will help in the rehabilitation of survivors of shock after the disaster, traffic accidents, and so on. Whiling away the time playing, they are less likely to remember the most pleasant moments of his life. In addition, American experts say that Tetris helps to get rid of some bad habits such as Smoking, or excessive alcohol. This phenomenon has already received its name – “TETRANITRATE”. Scientists assure us that it really works. Earlier, we wrote about the new development, helping to deal more effectively with glaucoma.