Thai racing driver believes the Pirelli tyres, the main feature of Formula 1

Тайский гонщик считает гоночные шины Pirelli главной особенностью болидов Формулы-1

With the arrival of Pirelli to Formula 1 as the exclusive supplier of rubber, the ability of pilots to work with tires has become one of the key factors of success in the qualifications and races of the Grand Prix. It is not surprising that, asked in an interview to the question about the differences between the cars of Formula-1 cars other formula series, F1 debutant and a rookie team Toro Rosso Alexander Elbon identified in the first phase of the Pirelli tyres.

“One of the main features of Pirelli tire. Fortunately for me, they are similar to those we used in Formula 2, but to work with them it is necessary differently – says 23-year-old rider from Thailand. – Because they have more grip, they are more sensitive. For example, if you have too much attack in the first sector, then the tire is not enough for passing the second and third sectors. Therefore, you need to learn how to depress and release the gas pedal at the right moment to maintain the speed and efficiency of tyres for several laps. Definitely that these tyres more grip, they provide a more effective braking and acceleration and it is very impressive. Perhaps I managed to get my head around that bit faster than I expected.”

We will remind that this week in Bahrain will host the second round of the world Championship of Formula 1, 2019, at which representatives of the tyre company Pirelli will bring the hard set of slicks – C1, C2 and C3, due to the high abrasiveness of the track surface Sakhir. In Pirelli promises a variety of racing strategies and fun and tactical fighting teams in the upcoming race of the Grand Prix of Bahrain.