Than closed the skies over Iran for companies and passengers

Чем закрытое небо над Ираном обернется для компаний и пассажиров

Because of the ban on flights, carriers had to develop new routes.

Russian and foreign airlines have decided to change their routes in the Persian Gulf area after the incident under the Tehran of the crash of a Ukrainian plane, which coincided with a rocket attack by Iran on US bases in Iraq. Who will bring problems and damages?

On 8 January, the airline “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on departure from Tehran to Kiev. All 176 passengers and crew members died. The final cause of the disaster is unknown.

The morning of January 9, the national security Council of Ukraine has listed the basic version of the plane crash in Tehran: the defeat of the anti-aircraft missile, terrorist attack or explosion of the engine for technical reasons. The day of the crash, the representative of the Iranian authorities denied the possibility that the emergency aircraft might be related to a direct rocket hit.

According to the preliminary report of the civil aviation Organization of Iran, after takeoff, the aircraft was registered a certain technical problem, because of this the ship was going back to the airport. However, the pilots did not report these problems. The user “MAU” stated that no comments on the technical condition of the plane. Despite the lack of definitive conclusions, a Russian airline decided not to fly over the region. The more relevant the recommendations distributed by the Federal air transport Agency.

A few hours after the plane crash in Tehran the Federal air transport Agency sent to the Russian airlines the recommendation not to fly over the territory of Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman gulfs. Also on Friday, January 10, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, who oversees the transport sector will hold a meeting on the issue of flights to the middle East.

Through the region serviced by flights from Russia to popular resorts, such as in Dubai and in Goa. The airline responded quickly to the instructions of the aviation authorities.

In S7 bi-Bi-si said that “take into account requirements of the Federal air transport Agency”. Alternative routes began to develop in the “Ural airlines”. New traffic patterns for their flights prepared in the “Aeroflot”, “Victory” and “UTair”.

How companies are changing routes?

The route UTair Makhachkala – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) will now take over Egypt and Cyprus. On the evening of 8 January, the company agreed on a new traffic plan with the aviation authorities of Cyprus and was waiting for confirmation from Egypt and the Federal air transport Agency.

“Azur Air” has prepared alternative routes to resorts in UAE, Maldives, India and Sri Lanka.

Planes from Moscow to Dubai will fly via Tashkent. This company explained three-hour flight delay from Dubai to Tyumen on the morning of 9 January. According to the service Flightradar, plane do not fly over Iran.

Flightradar data shows that some of the flights on the first day took place on the territory of the region. For example, flights Dubai – Moscow the morning of January 9 was flying over the territory of Iran. Flew over the country on the evening of 8 January and the flight Moscow – Goa airlines “Air Azur”.

The loss of time and money

A change of routes may lead to higher prices for tickets. The need to fly around the airspace of Iran and Iraq will increase the cost of fuel, said the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Themselves flights can be more time-consuming. The “Rossiya airlines” flight from Vnukovo to Goa will increase by 16 minutes, the company said. Another flight of Saint Petersburg – Sharjah (UAE) on January 9 will be performed with technical landing in Sochi airport to refuel. Flight time will be increased by 1 hour 42 minutes. Flight Yekaterinburg – Sharjah will also increase by 1 hour 21 minutes, the report said “Russia”.

One hour of flight, aircraft type Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 costs around 10 thousand dollars an hour of flying larger A330 costs about 15 thousand dollars, was estimated to “Kommersant”.

Win airline from the Middle East

Flights over the region was interrupted not only by Russian companies. On the evening of 8 January, the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) has advised airlines not to fly over Iraqi airspace. The regulator called this a precautionary measure in connection with the situation in the middle East.

The Federal aviation administration, the U.S. banned American airlines flying over the territory of Iran, Iraq and the Gulf countries even before the crash. The restrictions associated with missile strikes on US military bases in Iraq.

Restrictions imposed aviation authorities and carriers from Ukraine, Belarus, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries. This will affect the flights from Russia – for example, flights from Kazan to Abu Dhabi through from Ashgabat Turkmen airlines will be suspended until the end of January.

Carriers will continue to fly the old routes, explains Bi-bi-si, the Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. For example, it companies from the Gulf countries. In these companies, the tickets can be cheaper, the expert believes.

“There are always passengers, for which the decisive factor is the price,” he explains. The companies that will adjust routes, not only increase costs, but may be fewer customers.