Thanks to Fortnite teenagers in the US have to spend more money on the game

Благодаря Fortnite подростки в США стали тратить больше денег на игры

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the investment company Piper Jaffray publishes the results of a survey on the costs of teenagers. In addition, the teenagers, of course, spend money on video games. The last report is not without mention Fortnite.

The survey involved 8 thousand teenagers from the United States with different levels of income. It was found that about 14% of the total annual expenditure of the surveyed boys goes to purchase video games and consoles as well as on in-app purchases.

This makes video games the third most popular category for this group after food and clothing. Approximately the same rate as was observed last fall, but over the last few years he has grown on 3 % – informed the average value hovered around 11 %.

Apparently, the increased costs have affected the popularity of Fortnite. 13 % of Teens said that after meeting with a Royal battle from the Epic Games they are going to buy more games. Last fall, a similar desire was expressed by 7% of respondents.

In addition, 15% of teenagers told that it was not played in any games until their lives Fortnite. The authors of the report conclude that the game promotes the expansion of the gaming market.