That is discrimination: Japanese women are forbidden to wear sunglasses, what is the reason

Вот это дискриминация: японским женщинам запретили на работе носить очки, с чем это связано

In Japan women resent the discrimination against them. Surprisingly, the female staff forbidden to wear glasses. Such unfair treatment faced the representatives of different professions, writes the Correspondent.

Japanese women working in various positions, reported that the authorities imposed a ban on wearing glasses in the workplace due to “cold women with glasses”, which, in the opinion of management of campaigns, prevents communication with customers.

One of the reasons for the ban on the wearing points, called safety for the employees of the airlines. It is also noted that the beauty salon staff should be visible makeup.

This caused a heated discussion in Japanese social networks about the practice clothes and the women in the workplace.

Even created the hashtag “glasses are forbidden” (forbidden points), which became very popular and appeared under the ironic memes and articles about the obsolescence of the views of Japanese Directors.

This “dress code” has affected workers of different spheres. At the same time, men such requirements were not made.

Employee different campaigns argue that leaders follow old Japanese principles about the place of women in society, so they force girls to look a certain way because it supposedly can affect the firm’s revenues.

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Вот это дискриминация: японским женщинам запретили на работе носить очки, с чем это связано