That is why it is impossible to wash the chicken before cooking

Вот почему нельзя мыть курицу перед приготовлением

We were always taught to carefully wash food before eating. And most of us are confident that doing the right thing, when washing before cooking food everything.

It turns out that we can significantly harm their health, because some products to wash, on the contrary, is not recommended!

Raw chicken contains harmful bacteria, particularly Campylobacter and Salmonella are the two main culprit of food poisoning. Water not to destroy them, they are not washed off completely.

Substituting the chicken under running water or dropping it in the bowl, you wash away bacteria, but contaminate the sink, utensils, work surfaces and all the places that could splash water.

Imagine all these microscopic bacteria that have settled on the piece of meat. Together with water molecules, they are sent straight to you mouth or nostrils, settle everywhere around the sink and even on your clothes.

Each bacteria settling on the meat, barely it out of the packaging, die during the heat treatment.

Sorry, we can’t say the same about bacteria to inhabit sink, dishes, utensils and boards for cutting meat.All this will have to wash in hot water with soap, then dry and wipe with paper towels.

In the best case after you wash your chicken you and your family members faces indigestion in the worst – severe poisoning. The greatest risk – people with a weakened immune system and, of course, children!

According to the survey, 90% of people wash raw poultry, and in many recipes and said: “wash and dry”.

“It does not eliminate bacteria and kills them. But there is a risk of spraying bacteria – this is called aerosolization,” says Jennifer Quinlan of Drexel University.

University Drexel also launched a similar campaign called “don’t wash your chicken”. The aim of the project is to wean people from this harmful habit.

According to Quinlan, washing raw chicken is not worth the risk.

“Some people think that wash away the germs. Others simply want to wash off the slime, or is it because the chicken is dirty. The reasons are many, up to mechanically reflex: “Raw should be washed”.

What should I do? To take and cook. High temperature will destroy bacteria in their bodies and will not spread to other products.

Here is what rules should be followed when working with meat:

Maintain cleanliness: as often as possible wash your hands and surfaces.

Separate: don’t let raw poultry and its juices to touch other foods.

Prepare thoroughly: a minimum internal temperature of prepared poultry should be 74 °C (measure with a cooking thermometer).

Cool: promptly put it in the fridge.