That it will look like the VW Amarok pickup truck new generation

Вот так будет выглядеть пикап VW Amarok нового поколения

If you think that the future novelty in the first sketch is somewhat reminiscent of Ford pickups, it seems you do not.

The first image of the new “Amarok” was shown at the annual press conference of Volkswagen AG. And CEO Herbert Diess has confirmed that the new Amarok will be one of the first tangible results of the cooperation between the commercial division of the Volkswagen group and Ford.

About plans of creation of the global Alliance for two of the group announced more than a year ago (and rumors appeared even earlier): it became known that VW and Ford are going to divide into two expenses for the creation of new vehicles in the commercial segment (which officially applies Amarok). Accordingly, the Volkswagen pickup will share some running gear (and maybe the whole platform) with the future new generation Ford Ranger.

The sketch Amarok is depicted in quite an aggressive way – with a raised hood, impressive wheel arches in the developed, powerful suspension, off-road accessories and the like. It is highly unlikely that in this form the pickup will go into production. But it is curious that about a year ago in the global Network has leaked alleged images of the new “Ranger” and the American pickup truck looks very similar to its European relative.

Both of the new truck must be on sale by 2022. But apart from making the Duo Ranger/Amarok cooperation between the two companies may lead to consolidation of VW models Caddy and Ford Transit Connect. According to rumors, the Germans are planning to share it with compact Ford commercial “truck” in exchange for the development of larger vans.