That “Samopomich” demands the last 5 years, now offers Zelensky

То, что "Самопомич" требовала последние 5 лет, сейчас предлагает Зеленский

After the statement about dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, the President Zelensky brought together the heads of the factions for consultations.

The leader of the faction “Association “Samopomich” Oleg Berezyuk upon completion of said requirements of the head of state coincides with that which achieves “Samopomich”.

In consultation with the chairmen of the factions, the President Zelensky suggested that “Samopomich” supported unconditionally. It’s a total reboot of parliamentary government in Ukraine, early elections. Moreover, the President proposes to the Parliament to finally do what he had to do for a long time – to destroy the feudal mazhoritarke and lured the County,

– said Berezyuk.

According to Berezyuk, the meeting was proposed to Parliament at the extraordinary session adopted amendments to the current law on elections, where are removed all articles relating to mazhoritarka, and dropping the threshold to 3%.

“There is still the question of the imperative mandate – if “carcasses” will want a ton to move from one faction to another – they should be banned. And this undoubtedly will cause more resistance and has already sparked a debate. For “carcasses” it is always beneficial to those who manipulate and use power in their own interests.”

Vice-speaker of the Parliament Oksana Rawfoodist, in turn, notes that with the current system it is impossible to go to the polls: neither timely nor on early. Votes for adoption of the Electoral Code may not be the elimination of the majoritarian system is a certain consensus.

“In the current Parliament there are those who in 2014 are going to the elections, promised to abolish the majoritarian system, which led to the usurpation of power by Yanukovych. Unfortunately, most members avoided the 5 years of the answer to this question. “Samopomich” has consistently advocated, defended, brings people together, he demanded his fellow deputies to return to this question and finally to abolish the majority system. We are convinced that the Parliament should adopt a law that will return the electoral system to proportional. It is our duty”.

Will there be enough votes even for this bill – hard to say.

“We understand that Poroshenko is not just maintained the majority system, he wanted to retain power that he had, and now to receive the maximum number of people in the majority of districts, who were fed from the state budget”.

Also at the meeting with the parliamentarians the President clearly Zelensky asked about the position of each fraction, as for early elections, and in what form to do it. Each leader could still Express their thoughts about yesterday’s speech. Oleh bereziuk said that should be punished are those who in a period of 5 years despised national idea, robbed the country and disappoint people. But the head of the faction “Samopomich” worried about another thing:

Due to the change of power in the country are very happy and celebrating the victory of those who in 2013-14 led the war in Ukraine – the wreckage of the “Party of regions”. Will they be punished? Or they now rejoice in the feeling of revenge. It was my direct question to the President Zelensky, and I hope to hear your honest answer,

– said Oleg Berezyuk.

He also put another question Zelensky: “Three revolutions took place – Orange, Dignity and electoral. But in the first two seized the power of oligarchic clans. The President replied: “Now the President is not an oligarch”. It’s true. But protect the President of the institution of the presidency from the grip of the clans?”