That will save the average Ukrainian from the record of payment for heat

Что спасет рядового украинца от рекордных платежек за тепло

Ukrainians every year overpay for heat 30-40%. It is so much expensive Gcal is lost in older homes.

The real estate market experts tell us: when choosing a home, many buyers primarily pay attention to the heating system and the amount of the payment. Every year lives in “Khrushchev” is more expensive by 20-30% and to buy an apartment in an old house becomes unprofitable.

OBOZREVATEL figured out how to choose a house and do not overpay for heat.

Where to buy apartment: 80% “cold” houses

“Last year was paying for communal 1,5 thousand this month pay for January 2, 3 thousand,” – says a resident of “odnushki” in Svyatoshinsky district Andrew Yarov.

Buying a house in the “old” house, it is possible to change the furniture, to make repairs. But the problem of the huge payment for communal it will not solve.

So, about 80% of the total housing stock in Ukraine it is necessary to insulate, according to relevant ministries. And new Windows will not help. Required around the perimeter of the house to sheathe the walls with insulation. And this, along with the heat will take about 8 million UAH.

“Bought an apartment three years ago. Money has been tight. Here there was such an option, people were leaving and a large discount was given.

The house condominiums no door in the stairwell is constantly broken, no one to ask. The walls are very cold. Changed the Windows, but still the whole house cold. I pay a lot of money and cold. I think maybe it’s easier to have another apartment to find,” complains Andrew.

Some houses are in General easier to carry than trying to insulate, says energy auditor Vlad Marevan. “There is, for example, prefabricated houses. They don’t all match and can no longer meet modern standards of energy efficiency. Here is one recipe – demolish and new build”, says Maroun.

As a result, in Ukraine 80% of high-rise buildings each year for heat give the extra tens of thousand UAH. Rates are rising, and with them the amount of overpayments. To understand, in five years of living in a typical “Khrushchev” the amount of the overpayment for a warm enough, for example, to buy a car Lanos with it.

The remaining 20% – insulated home (with condominiums and loans) and buildings.

Why does the new building live profitable: explain the example

The main advantage, as is told in the company BD Holding, new homes comply with energy efficiency. Only because of this amount of payment can be 30-40% less. You do not need to get acquainted with all the neighbors, to find where to take the credit and all the house to pay 8 million UAH for heat insulation.

How much can you save in new buildings (example BD-Holding):

30% – save individual heat meters;

up to 40% savings through compliance with energy efficiency in construction;

about 20% you can save the expense of the ability to fasten the boiler in warm weather.

Due to this, the tenants of buildings not only do you pay less than the “Khrushchev”, and live in comfortable conditions – in winter the apartment is warm and in summer keep the room a comfortable temperature. Another important advantage of living in a new house – the ability to control how much waste heat.

In BD-Holding, for example, is installed in each apartment independent heating (gas boilers). If warm outside, the boiler can “tie” for gas not to pay. Bills do not include the costs of the neighbors and street Parking. You need to pay only for what wound counter.

In addition, the boilers can install a special thermostat (its value ranges from 1 to 2 thousand UAH). It can be used automatically to adjust the temperature in the room, and with it gas consumption. For example, if the whole day the apartment is unoccupied, you can set the minimum temperature. And by the time you get back to the apartment, the thermostat will automatically turn the heat.

And due to the high level of efficiency, noted in BD-Holding, heat in the apartments well kept. If use Central heating, you will have to pay not only the meter in my apartment, and for all the house and losing it.

So, individual meters in new homes allow you to pay on average 30% less, says the expert in the field of energy efficiency Andrew Chmurny. That is, if two almost identical houses next, but one pay by the meter, and the second according to the standards, amounts in the payment they can differ almost by a third.

In older homes the heating system can not install the metering devices in every apartment. So you have to pay for the amount of heat, which showed the house meter.

Thus, buying an apartment in a new building, we can annually save tens of thousands of hryvnia, without paying “extra” heat. And given that the tariffs for heating are rising every year, the amount of savings will increase.