That year, “roll the fool” – Gerashchenko has caught the Russians on lies for the exchange of prisoners

Который год "валяют ваньку" - Геращенко подловила россиян на лжи по обмену пленными

At the next meeting of the trilateral contact group in Minsk Ukraine will supply the first question of the exchange of 25 Russians convicted in Ukraine for political prisoners of the Kremlin.

It will be 16 such a proposal within 16 months. The question will be put squarely, as recently, Ukraine received another confirmation that Russia is trying all her possible mechanisms to delay the issue of the Ukrainian prisoners in the Kremlin. This writes the Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Irina Gerashchenko.

Today Commissioner for human rights of the Russian Federation Moskalkova said that it has no official mandate to address the issue of exchanges and layoffs, and that this should be addressed by the contact group in Minsk. At the same time in Minsk the representatives of the Russian Federation that year, “roll the fool” and refuse to discuss the question of dismissal of the Russians in exchange for Ukrainians according to the formula 25/25, insisting that it was a question of the ombudsmen,

she said.

Then, during the meeting of the TAG on March 27 in Minsk Ukraine will demand to determine the exact date of the exchange of prisoners.

This is our 16! over the last 16 months of the treatment to the Russians demanding to pick up their to give our

– emotionally said Gerashchenko.

According to her, in the list proposed by Ukraine – 25 Russians that Kiev is ready to send. Among them are those who have officially appealed to Putin with a request to take them home.

Note that in the proposed by Ukraine list of names of journalist Kirill Vyshinsky. He was not asked to include in the list neither the Russians nor the invaders in the Donbas. The journalist, who is suspected of treason and having dual citizenship, too, this request was not made.

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Который год "валяют ваньку" - Геращенко подловила россиян на лжи по обмену пленными